Thursday, 27 May 2010

Rugby Burn Out

Post by Simon

With all the work I did manage an unplanned day off last Sunday. Ben had an all day rugby tournament (Fete du Rugby) at Chateau de Beauregard, just north of Caen. If he had gone on the coach with the club it would have made for a very long day so it was decided that I take him. Then I would come home, work and pick him up later.

Well I decided to watch a couple of the matches, then got chatting to Ben's friend father, then it sort of got a bit later and then it wasn't really worth going all the way home to come back again.

So on an extremely hot day I was totally unprepared for a day out and ended up, especially on the receding hairline, rather sunburnt. Fortunately I could get drinks and joined in with friends picnic.

I had a lovely day, made even better by Ben's team getting to the final. This ended up a draw and so an enthralling period of extra time was played and the first team scoring a try won. Unfortunately for Ben's team the opposition scored the 'golden' try.

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