Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Hot Work

Posted by Simon

In the middle of a spell of hot weather I've been putting in a wood burner and continuing work on the chimney! Work on the chimney had stopped because of the bad weather and then we started doing other things and have only just got back to it - then it was too hot to stay up on the roof for very long. No pleasing some people is there? But apart from rendering the chimney that job is nearing completion.

The kitchen has been delayed as the plumber was held up elsewhere but I have plenty of other jobs that need doing. I have been putting a heat exchange unit in the attic area and have a trail of ducting to connect up now. Plus I have made a cupboard-cum-doorway from the mezzanine bedroom through to the attic. When the back is off (as shown) and the shelves removed I get access to the attic but normally it will be used as a cupboard - I thought a good way of making use of the space.

Apart from some major works it is now a case of starting at the top and working our way down with the decorating and finishing. I also wrote a list of everything that still needs to be done - scary! But we are working through it and things are getting crossed off (and more added on). My aim of mid June to finish the gite interior possibly will not be met but hopefully by the end of June it will be finished and then I'll just have the outside to do!

Well it's off to bed now before another long day tomorrow.

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  1. It's coming along nicely. I like the fireplace and stonework surround.


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