Thursday, 6 May 2010

A Night at the Flicks

Posted by Rosie

Many of the cinemas round here have, on a regular basis, English speaking films with French subtitles, so last night Simon and I had a night at the flicks in nearby Tinchebray. And it was like stepping back to the cinema of my childhood: no 10 screen multiplexes here and no sales of obscenely large fizzy drinks and popcorn. Just one screen, 2 ladies behind a desk selling those old fashioned tickets a bit like these and coffee for sale from a large urn. If you wanted a chocolate bar (I did!) you picked your choice from a basket and popped a euro in the tin! No adverts either, just straight into the film which tonight was A Single Man. Admittedly it took the projectionist a few minutes to get the film showing correctly and the sound quality wasn't the very best but that really didn't matter. It was an excellent film and a lovely evening out.

I also rather liked having the subtitles as it gave me the chance to practice some French. A couple of times I realised exactly what something meant that I had previously heard or read and not fully understood. It did however, get a bit confusing when there were scenes of spoken Spanish so you heard one language and had 2 subtitled below!

Big thanks also to our babysitter - and Happy Birthday for today!!

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  1. Nice post :)) I've given up on teh cinema for many reasons, not least of all the noise!


    Oh yes, and it's too dark to knit lol


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