Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Dear Henry .....

Posted by Rosie

I am glad you realis
ed it was very naughty to wee in the rather difficult to reach place between the armchair and the wood box. I am sure I read somewhere that by bringing me a mouse you are saying sorry in Catspeak. But I really would have preferred that the mouse you brought me and left on the doorstep had actually been dead and not semi-conscious!!


  1. When we had a cat I used to dread to morning ritual of extracting whatever wrethched, half-killed, rodent he had brought us from under dressers or stoves or wherever to administer the coupe de grace. Sometimes we didn't find them until they went off.

    "Dad," say the girls "so-and-so has kittens. Can we have one?"

    And I say... "No."

  2. Yuk.....aren't cats generous!

    Ours has a new obsession....catching rabbits and only eating the head. It's carnage out there.

    Rosy, the Jack Russell is delighted when she finds the body before I do!!

    Sue xx


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