Sunday, 28 March 2010

"I'm Sorry, Duck"

Posted by Rosie

Remember those two pesky ducks who wouldn't go to bed - now I know why and I feel really guilty. One of them tried to escape the shed 2 nights ago so I grabbed her which was when I noticed the large and rather nasty wound on her back - a wound I suspect was inflicted by Harold the drake and which explains her desire to escape the duck shed. Sorry duck - I really should have noticed it earlier but seeing as she has a black back and the wound was covered by her wings it was only when I held her that I saw it.

So I have cleaned and sprayed the wound and put her and her sister inside one of the Harold-proof lambing pens. Imagine my surpise yesterday then when I found a duck egg in the pen. This morning Simon found another which is all so ironic because I want a brood of ducklings but I dare not leave this poor duck to the less than friendly advances of Harold. It may be her sister laying but I need to keep the two together for company and away from Harold. So I have removed the eggs (Ben had one for breakfast) and I will just have to hope that either Hilda or Matilda come into lay soon.

However, Hilda thinks she is a chicken and I keep finding her in the chicken run and Matilda is a bit of a mystery. She was the duck who started off being a Harold until we decided she was in fact a Matilda but that said, Harold plays almost no interest in her and I have at times seen her mount Hilda. Whether she will lay (fertile) eggs is anyone's guess or she may just end up as duck stew. Time will tell.


  1. Awww poor Duck! Glad you've got her cleaned up and resting. Birds never cease to amaze me; they certainly keep one busy and smiling! Xx

  2. poor duck - drakes and be a bit brutal eh?

    and i bet he knows which one is laying the eggs too.....

  3. Hope she's OK. Tis the time for drake nonsense - my four are at it; I've left the Musocy girls unclipped so they can fly up and over into the garden to get away for a bit. Mind you, Sweetie landed on next door's conservatory roof the other day .....then proceeded to do what comes naturally to ducks all down one side lol The Runner drake is the biggest pest, he's quite rough. Hopefully things will settle down soon.




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