Friday, 26 March 2010

Fancy Dress

Posted by Rosie

It is enough to fill me with dread at the merest mention of those two words - Fancy Dress. There was note in the boy's Contact Book a couple of weeks ago saying that on Friday 26th March they could come into school wearing fancy dress. I duly noted this fact on the calender and then forgot all about it until I looked at the calender yesterday. AHHHHHHH!!!!!

Being a non-sewing type of person - and some-one who refuses to pay out for tacky bought costumes that put me in a bit of a tight spot. No matter - when the boys got home yesterday we went to the dressing up box to see what could be found. It contains an odd assortment of costumes given as presents and remnants of nativity plays and Hallowe'ens gone-by.

"I want to go as a wolf," Ben announced. That involved sewing - "NO"
"I'll go in the fireman costume," said Tom
"I want to go as the fireman," added Ben
"Why doesn't one of you go as a scarecrow? I could make that" I added.
"NO!!" came the joint reply.
"Could I go in my pyjamas?" Ben suggested (believing, I think, that I would say No.)
"That's an excellent idea - well done you!"
"No - I want to go as a wolf."
"What about the pirate costume?"
"No - every one else is going as a pirate"


So as this morning dawned I went out to do the animals and let the boys get on sorting things out themselves. We drew up to the bus stop. On the bus there was already a cowboy and Zorro. A Spanish lady, Snow White, a pop star and a pirate soon joined them, followed by Tom the Fireman.

And Ben - well Ben went as ........................................ BEN!!


  1. I think Ben is a genuis and you can tell him that!


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