Sunday, 14 February 2010

Change of routine

Posted by Rosie
With Simon away for a week and a lot of snow still lying around, I decided we needed to get the VERY pregnant ewes inside. The shelter in their field was full of snow and I'm not sure I could move them into the sheep pen on my own so with a bit of cajoling ...... actually no, a lot of cajoling, chasing, pushing and shoving we got the girls into the sheep shed. That was Friday and there is still no sign of any lambs.

Pig (Boris) has also been moved as leaving him in with Charlotte leaves her vulnerable to getting pregnant again and he was already showing some amorous intentions. I have to say though, he was a lot easier to relocate than the sheep - one pig, one bucket and hey-ho - welcome to your new residence in the pig ark. He quite happily played in the snow all afternoon but come dusk the reality set in that he was here for the duration and he was a trifle miffed. I'd given him extra bedding though and he was fine this morning, if still a bit peeved.

With all this moving around - and the fact that the Rammy and Lamb Chops need extra food in the snow and we have not succeeded in getting White Face to accept Little Ben, my morning routine is now totally different and to be honest I have not quite got it right yet. I keep getting somewhere and realising I've got the wrong food or forgotten something. That's not a major problem
but I wasn't too happy to get part way down the valley before I realised I needed grain for Rammy and Lamb Chops! Never mind - I'll just about get this worked out and it'll change again.
Well at least some-one is enjoying the snow:


  1. sounds like your time is filled!

  2. Nice post! I remember my time with the snow. It is something I really miss.

  3. Wow - still you have snow. It's cold here but no snow thank goodness. I love it but never seem to warm up!
    If you ever manage to start with bees do let me know. It's one of the most rewarding things we've ever done and they are constantly fascinating.