Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Yawwwwn ...... Baa

Posted by Rosie

Droopy Drawers, our magnificently fat sheep has finally given birth to twin female lambs and not triplets as I was rather expecting by the size of her. It was, however, not without incident and when I went to check on her at 10pm last night it was fairly obvious that she was in difficulty. The lamb's nose was showing but no feet and it tongue was lolling out of it's mouth. Not good. Oh well - what better way to learn about the finer art of lambing than with a quick tutorial over the phone from my friend, Jane, and then a hands-on practical, all alone and in the middle of the night. Somehow I managed to get the front feet forward and pulled out the lamb. For what seemed like an eternity it lay there, not moving and I thought it was stillborn. I cleared round it's airways and rubbed it vigorously with straw until it finally coughed and spluttered it's way to life. I remember a James Herriot story where he swung a lamb through the air to get it to breathe but if you have ever held a just-born lamb you will understand how slippery they are and I worried I would lose it in mid air so stuck to straw rubbing. After this drama, Number two arrived about an hour later, this time unaided.

I do, however have to say that I am little concerned about the first lamb. I have seen her suckle but she seems more listless than her sister and I worry that her protracted birth may have affected her. She also has an eye infection. In her favour though, is the fact that Mum has readily accepted her, she has plenty of milk and the exceptionally cold weather seems to have gone for now. I'll go and check on her shortly (and the other ewe who is yet yo lamb) but we will have to see what the future holds for her.

And much as I want Black Face to lamb soon, I would prefer she doesn't chose tonight. I finally crawled into bed at 3am last night/this morning and I don't fancy doing that again so soon. Yawwwwwwn.


  1. Hurray!! congratulations Rosie !!

  2. Well done you!! There's nothing like having to do something on your own in the middle of the night to make you learn quickly.

    I remember the scene from James Herriott very well, how the lamb didn't fly through the air and land in the next field I'll never know!!

    Congratulations on being a sheepy midwife and here's to many more safe deliveries.

    Sue xx

  3. Rosie is the eye infected or just weepy? If it's weeping check her eyelid isn't turned in...a common(ish ) problem. If it is just gentle pull it to correct it, hopefully after a few days it should right itself.

    How are they today ?

  4. well done.

    I second that comment re inturned eyelid - worth checking

  5. Hope all the lambs are born before I return - I like my sleep!!!

  6. Congratulations Rosie! Hope both lambs are in fine fettle now.xx.

  7. Lambs are doing fine and Droopy Drawers is such a good Mum (unlike White Face who would not accept her second lamb). Both did end up with eye infections but I have cream for them.

    I think Black Face is waiting for you to return Simon ;-)

  8. Well done! Isn't it always the way that these things happen when other help isn't at hand! AND I bet you had to be up in the morning to sort out breakfast for the kids too!

  9. Yup - breakfast for boys and all the other animals, although Tom will stay in bed for ages reading and Ben is my little morning helper. He's especially helpful when I need someone to hold the syringe whilst I catch Droopy Drawers to inject or the eye ointment whilst I chase rather nimble lambs round their pen.

    Which reminds me of a terrible joke:

    - What do you give a sick pig to make it better?

    - Oinkment ;-)


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