Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Back on Track

Posted by Simon

This morning Richard, an English neighbour, arrived here, which in itself was a bit of a surprise as I thought he was in the UK until after the New Year. And another surprise was that he had the parts for my digger. I was over the moon.

I dropped everything I was doing and carried out the necessary repair, which believe it or not was pretty straight forward - makes a change then. I was greatly helped by the person I brought the
spare parts from, who had taken time to explain the best way to go about the repairs. Although I did have to ring him to confirm he had given me the correct part as the one I took off had grooves in it. I was told they do not come with grooves in them. Ah, that much wear then!

So this afternoon I was like a kid with a new toy and played diggers. I was able to smooth out lorry and tractor ruts , fill in holes, and generally make the place a little more pleasant. Maybe one day I'll get my Septic tank and filter beds finished!

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  1. Man, you really play hard with your toys! That part looks like it's been through a lot of digging...


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