Monday, 28 September 2009

Two Tanks and a Digger

Posted by Simon

Today I planned to get the 'fosse septiques' installation started, but the starting part seems to be taking a bit of time. This was not helped by the gravel for the filter beds turning up - four 10 tonne lorry loads throughout the day. Also a neighbour wanted to borrow my ladders so I had to sort that out. Then due to the chickens being confined at the moment and having to get the digger through their enclosure I had to get everything across to the work area before we could let the chickens out. All this took some time.

Then I had to plan where the tanks and pipes are going. Easier said than done. I had an outline plan but this went to pot because of all the old systems and pipes that are all over the place. Although I had some idea where most of these old works are I have not been able to find the all essential toilet waste - and I do not want to end up a certain creek without a paddle! Well after digging around I find an old cesspit and in true French style the manhole cover was under the ground by 40cms - at least it was covered by an old plastic fertiliser bag and a bit of rusty corrugated iron. And it definitely needs emptying!

So I then spent the rest of the day planning where everything could go, but each idea I had would not quite work or there was a problem with the old system being in the way. And I did have to spend half the afternoon repairing the dishwasher which had blocked up. Anyway, eventually I came up with something which I hope will work. I checked out my plan with the person who did the initial report on what we can or cannot do and after a couple of tweaks I'm finally ready to start - well tomorrow maybe.


  1. Rather you than me....sounds like a huge job!!

    Sue xx

  2. The best laid plans never happen do they and jobs seem to get bigger and bigger along the way! You'll defo get there in the end though and it will have been worth the hard work :) Best of luck with it. x

  3. hope it goes well.. and dont forget to fill the tank after you bury it.. i seem to remember a member of my family not doing that.. it rained.. and the tank floated out of the ground....


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