Sunday, 27 September 2009

BBQ Time

Posted by Rosie

We had a BBQ today - for breakfast. Or rather we had had a BBQ last night, cooking on the half metal drum and the embers were still warm this morning so we added a bit more wood and were soon cooking bacon, eggs, tomatoes, beans and fried bread out in the warm sunshine. The mechanic who had come to fix the digger must have be quite pleased he didn't make it yesterday as he tucked into his Full English !

Afterwards we went up to the beach where the boys played happily for hours and we adults enjoyed the late September sunshine. No photos however, as in our rush to pack spades, cake, books and towels etc, we forgot to take the camera.


  1. What a brilliant way to start a day.

    Sue xx

  2. Awww now that sounds like the perfect day to me. How lovely! x


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