Thursday, 27 August 2009

Two quiet days?

Posted by Rosie

Yesterday and today were supposed to be child-free days for Simon and myself. The boys had been invited to stay two nights at the neighbouring farm and we thought we could get on with all sorts of things minus that ever present - "Mum ........ Dad .......!!"

Well as with the best laid of plans of course this was not to be. Ben and two of the neighbouring children (S and O) came back straight away as Ben wanted a different jumper. Jumper collected I walked them back, kissed them goodbye and left. Two hours later the same three were back and ended up playing here for several hours before eventually leaving. Not long had they gone when the boy from the end of the road turned up with his friend. I explained the boys weren't here but they asked if they could stay and play on the swings anyway. I could hardly say no - then they came in and played a board game and finally left, just before Ben and his friends came back AGAIN. Ahhhhh!! Is there never any peace to be had here? I finally sent them packing at 7.30pm.

This morning Simon and I half thought we might partake of a small lie-in. Fat chance. The father of the neighbouring boy said he'd come and help us put in the central support beam in the gite ...... around 9am .......... so he turned up at 7.30am!! Job done he left and guess who turned up? Yup - Ben, S and O. And for today - well pretty much repeat yesterday with the addition of an English family arriving mid-afternoon and Tom also making an appearance.

But we did manage to get the central post in, I did clean out all the animals and I did freeze and cook various things - oh yes - and I completely annihilated some plums which I managed to leave on the gas when I walked the children back to the farm. Two quiet days - you must be joking!

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  1. Oh Rosie you poor things, boys hey! All good fun ;) Xx


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