Monday, 31 August 2009

Reasons to visit Lénault in August

Posted by Rosie


French markets run all through the year but are at their best in Summer. Most towns and larger villages have a market on a set day each week and they are a pleasure to visit. For myself I tend to buy four things - fruit, fish, vegetable seedlings and live poultry. You could probably get the fruit and fish cheaper in the supermarket but the quality at the markets is much better. Fruit sellers will often allow you to try their produce before buying and at our favourite fish stall in Vire they always give the boys a handful of cooked prawns as a treat. The vegetable seedlings are ridiculously cheap - a couple of euros for 100 leeks or 25 cabbage plants. And as I find it hard to grow leeks from seed this is an easier and cheaper way of doing things.

Through the summer the live animal sellers are there with rabbits, ducks, chickens, guinea fowl, turkeys and occasionally other animals such as hamsters or golden pheasants. For a euro you can buy a day old chick - for €7.50 a turkey to fatten up for Christmas.

Other stalls sell the plethora of goods you would expect at a market. Too numerous to mention but including cooked chicken, clothes, baskets, toys, meat, cheese, flowers, dried fruits, coffee .........

Markets are not just about buying things - they are a wonderful place to people-watch. Whole families go together and it is as much about meeting friends and extended family as getting the shopping done. Be aware though, markets start around 9am and usually end around midday. Get up late and you'll miss all the fun. That said there will be another one in somewhere else near-by if you do miss the first one.

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