Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The Grand Opening .....

Posted by Rosie

..... of the swings/activity area!!

The boys have been using their twin play-towers all summer but the adjacent swings were taking longer to finish because of difficulties getting the top piece of wood. Simon had bought one ages ago and then use it to make an upright for the washing-line after the rotary line in a hurricane disaster. It was only afterwards that he discovered that our local timber supplier could no longer supply single poles and so he had to travel much further afield to get the necessary pole. Oh and he had to go to 3 shops before he could find the right sized fixings!!

But today, it all came together with the grand opening ceremony - Tom held the ceremonial cushion on which lay the ceremonial scissors. Ben took the said ceremonial scissors and cut the ceremonial ribbon whilst Simon stood by pretending to be a security man protecting our celebrities and I made an exceedingly silly speech.

Now - hopefully - the boys won't argue about whose turn it is on the swing, although of course there is only ONE rope ladder .........!!


  1. It looks amazing, a climbing wall as well ! A grand opening sounds very fitting.: )

  2. oh its brilliant! lucky boys,I bet they spend hours out there over the years :o)
    clever daddy :o)
    GTM x x x

  3. That looks great! Lots of fun :)

  4. Fabulous playground, my son would love it! Well done.

  5. That looks fabulous, can you build me one??? Not for my kids or anything (I don't have any), for me and Andrew, oh what fun!!

  6. We have had friends here this week-end and the swings and towers were a huge hit. It was great - the kids just played and played and the adults got to sit and relax in the sun :-)


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