Wednesday, 11 March 2009

If only

Posted by Rosie

If only I had thought about it when it took two of us to get the duvet cover and sheet on the washing line because it was so windy.

If only I had only put one of the above items on the line.

If only I had taken all of the washing off 5 minutes earlier (especially as it was dry).

Then maybe I wouldn't have a washing line that now looks like this .......


  1. Aaaah. Oooooopps.Did you have to re wash everything ? Line repareable?

  2. Looking again prehaps not !!

  3. Line is completely knackered. Washing OK as it was dry (as was the grass) and only the duvet cover actually hit the deck. The sheet was knotted around the line and probably the reason it broke!!

  4. I have one of those whirly dervish washing line... I much prefered my washing line at our old house. a long line on a pulley system, I think the pulleys had been there since the house was built in the victorian times.

  5. I hate those whirligig washing thingies.

    Last weekend the hubby rigged up a good old fashioned rope washing line for me - 'proper job' as they say round these parts!

  6. You should box it up and see if the Tate want it!

    Our girls think our one of these is a toy. Nightmare things...

  7. Had the same thing happen not so long ago, the pole had rusted (unbeknown to me), revolving washing line was fully laden, along came the wind, and HOLA!, the whole top of the thing cracked off onto the ground!
    Now I have a home built version care of hubby, basically two T shapes with several lines strung between, works well and no chance of rusting. Also doesn't blow around and around while one is trying to peg out the washing, used to drive me crazy!

  8. OMG thats blonen as the smalls would say!lol! lol! I have a straight one on pulleys & its marvelous,I can hoist it over 10ft high & things dry in a flash,mind you its very windy here as we are so open so sometimes I have to only hoist it half way lol! or its off over the lane.......
    GTM x x x

  9. So I think we are all agreed then - Rotary Lines are the Devil's Handiwork and should be banned. We are planning a proper new line -hopefully on a pulley. Much nicer.


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