Thursday, 12 March 2009

Reprive for Hedge

Posted by Simon

I mentioned in a previous post that I had one more hedge to look into and my instinct was to completely rip it out and plant with new. This hedge is predominantly an old box hedge but has been neglected for donkey's years, was very over grown and in places rotting. Also it was full of bramble, ivy, self seeded elder and other trees. Plus full of old barbed wire, either stapled (one of my pet hates) or tied on to the hedge, and other bits of metal. So you can understand my reasoning to grub it out.

I mentioned this fact on the hedge laying course as I had already cut single odd bushes of box out of the hedges we were laying, as in my opinion it looks horrible like that, and I met a lot of opposition to my plan. Basically they were of the opinion that this poor Box had taken years to grow and should get a second chance.

Therefore, after having a good look at the hedge again, I have spent the last two days pulling out old fencing, bramble and trees. Chainsawing and hedge trimming, raking and dragging the off cuts and rubbish and I must admit I now have a pretty reasonable hedge. A bit thin and gappy in places and still quite a bit of ivy in it but it's not too bad - well at least on the side facing the house. As for the other side well it is rather brown looking - but it should eventually grow back. Lets hope so otherwise you know what happens to it! And that will be an even bigger bonfire then I need now. I also managed to to dig out some of the trees and have replanted these in existing hedges - so second chance for those as well.


  1. A lot of hard work, but I think you could be very pleased in the end. I hope so at least! Re-planting those trees was a nice idea - I know I am rather brutal when there is something there that shouldn't be - ooops.

  2. Can't say I know much about hedges, apart from the fact that they take a long time to grow.

    So I guess it's worth seeing what you can salvage of the old hedge in the first instance. It doesn't look too bad - certainly worth having a go.

  3. I have 2 box hedges which are both about 30 years old, they have at times been badly neglected (this was before we inherited them) but 3 years tlc and they are now thick and beautiful, they are totally worth saving! well done you!

  4. Fingers crossed for a restored hedge in thefuture - thanks for the comments.


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