Monday, 27 July 2009

No time for Gite

Posted by Simon

What with going away and the poor weather we had before I went the grass was very long on my return. So I decided to have a good hit on the garden - grass cutting, hedge trimming and various other jobs. This meant that work on the gite stopped. We also found the neighbours cattle were escaping and going into the other half of our new field so I have fenced it then strimmed and raked the long grass. It's not that we minded the cattle coming in but they eat the grass and flatten it, which makes it difficult to strim/cut. Anyway it was a job that I can cross off my list - albeit earlier than planned.

Going to check the sheep had been a pleasure as the half of the field was a lovely wildflower meadow and was abundant with butterflies. It was due to be cut back soon anyway as the wildflowers had nearly all got over and the butterflies which had populated it had gone elsewhere.

Rosie has been very busy in the vegetable garden we now getting an array of lovely fresh veg and fruit. Hilda, the duck, has been sitting for nearly 40 days now and it look like the eggs are dead. The chances are very low for ducklings.

We have had friends staying for the last few days so we have been spending some time with them and showing them around the place. Including trips to the market, some walks, swimming and a trip to Festy Land (link to earlier post).

And some really good news - Ben had his plaster off last Thursday. Three weeks earlier then expected. He hardly complained about his arm but was starting to get fed up with it. Now he's making up for lost time. Going swimming, having water fights or playing in the bath were top of his 'I want to do' list.


  1. I'm coming over to France in a month. God, we would have loved to stay at your Gite ~ get a move on!! ;) Looking forward to 10 days touring around Brittany and Normandy, it just sounds so fabulous. Glad that darn plaster is off, must of been driving him mad, what a great kid not to be moaning all the time (I think I probably would be!) Sorry about the ducklings but losses are all part of the big story, right? x

  2. Carrie - you are more than welcome to come and see us when you are over. I'm sure I could rustle up a cup of tea and a cake :-)

  3. I've just discovered your blog;fascinating, and you have done what so many others talk about but never get around to. I admire the eco aspect, too. Beautiful area of France; we used to visit the Calvados area regularly.

  4. yay for the plaster off - he must be glad thats gone now.

  5. YUMMMMMMMM tea and cake, that always sounds good to me! We're booking our 2 gites at the moment and looking forward to the trip.

  6. Hello WSC - I hope as well as enjoying our blog you may like to come and visit Calvados again when we are up and running ;-)

    Carrie - have you booked your gites yet?


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