Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Too cold to dig

Posted by Rosie

I knew it would happen. You get a mild(ish) spell in January and get on great guns digging the veg patch, planning as you go along what will go where and almost tasting the first tomato of the year. Then February arrives and WHAM - you are hit with another cold spell. The ground is too hard to dig and spring suddenly seems a million miles away.

So I am sitting here with a glass of raspberry vodka and consoling myself that unlike friends, I am not out in the barn lambing tonight. Instead I thought I would add a picture taken last summer in the garden. Which reminds me - I must re-sow some sweet peas soon as the mice ate the first lot I planted!


  1. very cold here, I am toying with the idea of putting the oil filled electric heater on. But I am too skin flint to do it! LMAO.

    Another fleece blanket added to the legs I think!

    We have planted seeds in the green house, tomatoes, broad beans (my fav) and a few other things. not hoping too much for anything to happen right now.

    I am just praying that the garlic stays ok, as it is about 2-3 inches high out of the ground. It also looked quite strong. so I am hoping the snow and icearent going to kill it off. I will be most upset.

  2. Thank you ... your photo of sweetpeas really cheered me up.One of my favourite flowers

  3. ah the raspberry vodka worked out then :) goodo!

  4. SoL - I want to start my tomatoes but will wait another couple of weeks - but I might do some peas, caulis, leeks and the sweet peas today and pop them in the drier/propagator.

    Annie - I took the picture knowing it would cheer me up in the middle of winter - glad it cheered you too.

    CiG - the raspberry vodka was in fact soooo good that I made another slightly larger bottle yesterday!!!


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