Thursday, 5 February 2009


Posted by Rosie

Back in July we bought 6 young chicks as meat birds. 4 have already found their way into the freezer and on Monday the last two joined them. We had bought two different type of birds as a bit of a taste/size comparison. Three were brown (which all turned out to be cockerels) and three were white (which all turned out to be hens). The man on the market said the browns would be smaller and tastier, the whites larger but less tasty. Well he was right about the size but Simon and I both agreed that we preferred the taste and texture of the white birds. So when we re-stock a bit later in the year white's is what we'll get.

And talking of re-stocking I bought two new point-of-lay hens today. They seem to be settling in fine and as yet no-one else has picked on them. Plus when I went to feed them this evening there was a very late-laid small brown egg in one of the boxes. I would be very surprised if they were laying already (especially after the stress of moving) so it was more likely to be some-one else coming back into lay. 5 eggs in total today after just one yesterday but 6 the day before that. It's amazing how quickly you can build up an egg mountain this way - anyone for an egg curry?


  1. You should take a look at another blog which is very similar to yours in spirit (not mine - I'm not advertising!).

    I have bookmarked your blog. The French will come. It took me a while but after 15 years I can argue with the best of them!

  2. Egg curry? Sounds like fun - we are building a mountain at the moment, so a new idea or two would be welcome.

  3. UTGP - thanks for the link to Sally's garden and your blog - both make great reading. Very jealous of your gosling - I really want to have chicks this year and am aiming to try and put fertilized eggs under the next broody we get.

    Jon - pancakes, meringues, egg laden cakes, omelettes .... oh and the pesky dog helps out by eating the ones in the barn if dshe gets there before we do!


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