Wednesday, 11 February 2009


Posted by Rosie

As any gardener will testify, all gardens have their fair share of pests. Here my list of "bad guys" runs something like this - caterpillars, moles, pigeons and the dog. Yes - you did read that right. Saari has decided that now there is no maize to steal from the local fields she needs something else to supplement her meagre diet. The odd egg found in the barn is OK but a bit sporadic. However, the veg patch is full of tasty "Choux Lapin" (a type of kale fed to the sheep). Initially she was happy to simply chew the stalks that were left after the sheep had all the leaves but of late she has taken to eating the whole plant, in situ, just leaving the thickest part of the stalk. And if that isn't enough she has trampled my late leeks in doing so. (AND it gives her terrible wind) Grrrrrrr.

Therefore, Simon and I have been out fixing a gate across the gap where she could get into the veg patch. It seems to have stopped her for now but I wouldn't put it past her to find another way in ........

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