Sunday, 8 February 2009

Joyeux Anniversaire

Posted by Rosie

No prizes for guessing how old Tom was today then?

Not being a big party boy we just had a quiet week-end with Sally, his aunt, and 2 other friends here. We had lunch in a local pizza restaurant and Tom was extra pleased when his pudding arrived complete with a candle and everyone in the restaurant sang "Happy Birthday" (which for some reason the French always sing in English.) As for presents, he has already stuck his glow-in-the dark stars on his ceiling, we have taught him the rudiments of playing draughts and he has gone to bed wearing his new watch. How grown up our little lad is becoming! Tomorrow we had better watch our step; he has a finger-print kit as well!

Thank you everyone who sent cards and presents, they were much appreciated and thank you letters will be sent in due course. Ben, who gets very jealous of other people's birthdays, did however, sum up this part of the celebration beautifully. "Well I'm glad it's not MY birthday 'cos I don't have to write thank you letters!"


  1. Happy Birthday Tom!

    Sounds like you all had a great day. We spent the weekend celebrating Katie's 2nd birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday tom! Looks like you had a lovely cake.

  3. Happy Birthday Tom! Hope you had a great day :o) the cake looks yummy!I have already the x2s shrieking at each other that its MY DRAGON PARTY NOT YOURRRRSSSSS
    arggg what will it be like by time July comes round :oS lol!!!!I cant wait to hear what Tom finds out with the fingerprint powder....keep away from the biscuit tin or be found out lol!
    GTM x x

  4. congratulations!

  5. So lovely to find another family that play draughts (and presumably other games!)... and how refreshing to find another family that writes thank you letters. Good on you.

    PS The second chick was finally born during the night and will be in his box by the oven later today. Another noisy little so and so!

  6. Happy Birthday Tom! Sorry its a bit late. Hopefully will see you in the summer xxx


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