Monday, 19 January 2009


Posted by Simon

As Rosie previously mentioned we are still waiting for our planning decision and there is only so much we can do until then as far as preparation and building works. So until then I have decided that I need a couple of projects to keep me going. Firstly I am resuscitating the earlier project of developing the area for the boys play tower and boule area. I have been felling trees and grubbing out the remains of an old hedge. As the area slopes away into the neighbouring field and is a wasted piece of land I am going to build, using reclaimed sleepers, a revetment wall and then back fill with rubble and soil. Once the area is levelled it will be great for the tower, a hard play area for boule and other games, a place for seating and BBQ. I will plant a new hedge along the top of the revetment along with some additional fruiting hedgerow trees eg. Damson and Crab Apple.

Secondly I will start the ground work for the landscaping outside the proposed gites and play barn. This will involve levelling outside the houses to create patio and garden areas as well as improving the access and parking for cars. Most of the existing areas have eroded away over the years and at present are either muddy or slippery, so getting this work done will make life easier in the future.

The only thing I'm not looking forward too, though, is the delivery of 100 (heavy) sleepers tomorrow morning.


  1. wow, we had only 10 sleepers delivered from the railway enthusiasts. Heck were they fit old men. When we tried to move them, I couldnt budge them! Then we searched out our trusty furniture moving straps (in a rather fetching day glow orange!). Hey presto, we could move the very slowly.

    Wow you are being really industious!

  2. You wouldn't say we were industrious if you could see us now. I'm on here and Simon is reading a book ...... the sleepers are due any minute and I'm thinking the dogs need a long walk ...... ;-)

  3. You know I am not sure now if I really want to go to Canada or go back to the original plan which Was France.

    The weather is milder and I think we may be able to slow down a little. We obviously have to sell the house first. and the pound is worth so little against the Euro, that we are stuck where we are for the time being. But I can dream, and work the allotment so I can learn as I go along.


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