Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Je suis fatigué

Posted by Simon

I'm now sitting here enjoying, in my view, a well deserved beer after a day of putting the upright sleepers in for the revetment wall (see previous post). I had some sleepers here already and made use of these. Although the ones I had ordered where due to be delivered 'matin', from my experiences in the UK of waiting for deliveries to turn up, I decided to crack on.

It was hard work moving sleepers and getting them lined up but I eventually finished them this evening - not helped by tree roots and large stones. So I'm all set to start building the revetment tomorrow.

It was lucky I did use the old sleepers as the delivery eventually turned up 'aprés midi', at 4:15pm. I was hoping they would turn up on a 'grab lorry' so they could be placed conveniently where I need them. Fat chance. They came by tractor and trailer and are now informally stacked in a massive pile. And are much heavier then the ones I already had - so muscles beware.

Oh well, off for a well earned bath now and dreams of moving 100 sleepers!!! I think tomorrow will be 'Je suis trés fatigué.


  1. A 100 sleepers! Wow - jealous!
    We bought a few recently and discovered how useful they are. We'll definitely get more! Did you get a special deal for buying so many? Ours were €18 a piece as we got less than 10. The wall you've started with them looks impressive.
    (ksia - downsizer - hi Rosie!)

  2. Hi Karen - Simon bought them at Point Vert and paid €18.40 each (and that was with some discount). So in case we need any more where did you get yours from?

    The wall is now finished. Next job edging round the front drive and garden areas so more chance for Simon to play with his digger!

  3. Now I'm jealous again...Simon has his own digger!! Well, if the digger wants a holiday I'm sure I could think of some landscaping to do!!
    Our sleepers came from some local guys (!) they have a field full of them on the route between Ernee and Mayenne (near the Mayenne forest if you look on a map). For more than 10 there would be a reduction but I don't know how much. Our delivery charge was €25. (we're about 10/15kms from this field) so for you I don't know...delivery might wipe out any saving you'd make? Their number is 06 80 36 47 36 if you decide to look into it further.

  4. I forgot to say theses are reclaimed sleepers. Not new. Are yours new? good price if so! K


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