Saturday, 20 September 2008

September BBQ

Posted by Rosie

It has been a glorious day today, really warm and not a cloud in the sky. So, tonight we decided to light up the wood BBQ and sit outside to enjoy the end of this lovely day. But being as it is now mid-September and definitely Autumn as opposed to Summer, the temperature soon dropped after the sunset and we were very pleased to be able to sit around the re-stoked BBQ. The picture shows Simon and his sister, Sally, wearing the exceedingly warm hats she brought us back from her recent travels to Bolivia. We all have one so there will be no excuse for cold heads in the Hill household this winter.


  1. Ah, Autumn. These cold temperatures may be a taste of things to come. The forecast through October - Decemeber (according to my farming friends, who seem to have access to some unusually accurate info) is for a cold stormy October, followed by a cold by settled run through to end of the year. I'm just pleased I've got plenty of wood.

    But an early spring is suggested. We shall see.

  2. Just when we thought our disappointing summer was over we too had a fabulous weekend here in Devon. We also had a barbecue on Saturday evening - only the third one this year!

  3. ooo Jon in France does your pal reach as far as Blighty with their forecasting? :o)
    Its been glorious here the past week & today no exception.Rosie those hats are marvelous! very snuggly & sitting by the fire drinking wine,ahh blissful end to any day.We havent BBQed at all this year,I had a nasty BBQ accident last year & its put me orf I have to say,I need to get my BBQ mojo back!
    GTM x

  4. GTW - I asked my maize farming freind and drinking buddy S├ębastian when I ran into him yesterday. He scratched his chin for a second and then said that he didn't know, but would be prepared to bet it would be wetter than here.

    I realise that this is not entirely helpful :smile: but it is commonly held that the population of Britain are growing gills after this last summer!


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