Monday, 22 September 2008

Sept 22nd in Pictures

Posted by Rosie

Just four pictures today - the veg patch with it's lovely straight edges, dosing one of the sheep who has the runs again,a bit of child labour and putting the turkeys to bed!


  1. you veg patches look so neat! - ours are a bit of a weed fest.. all tha tbad weather got on top of us.. getting it back eventually.
    and you sheep aer so nice and small! perhaps we should have choosen a smaller breed...

  2. What breed of sheep have you got? Ours are part Cotentin ( a local breed) and part who knows what. Have you any suggestions for getting weight back on them after a couple of bouts of scouring? The vet has suggested hay and then restricted grass until they get used to the grass again but they have lost a lot of condition.

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog, yours is lovely and I will be popping back to look now and then!

  4. What a wonderful looking veg plot Rosie - it looks so well-established. I think a well-tended vegetable garden is just as pleasing to the eye as even the prettiest flower-garden. And you can eat it too!

  5. Thank you. Am I allowed to say that I too am very pleased with the veg patch - I have Simon to thank for getting it set up (with his digger!) and tidying up the edges (by hand!!) but then I have done all the veggie tending (with a little help from the boys, digging up spuds and snaffling fruit). It's great having the patch at home - previously it was a couple of miles away so now if I have a spare 10 mins I can pop over and get something done. That has made a huge difference.

  6. Oops - just been reminded that I had various friends doing weeding when they were visiting. Big thanks to Darran, Sheila, Denise (And any others I have forgotton).

    Thank you everyone!!!!


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