Wednesday, 10 September 2008

My new bike

Posted by Rosie

It was a lovely day here today and with no school for the boys we decided to go on a bike ride along the old railway line (Chemin de feu) near Vire. Well, the other three did as I had no bike. No problem really though, as I sauntered along with the dogs and picked a good haul of elderberries and a few really large juicy blackberries. However, I know the time of not having a bike was drawing to a close so on the way home we called in to the local bike shop ...... and look what I am now the proud owner of:

It's a long time since I have been on a bike and I am not looking forward to the sore backside and aching legs that I will suffer but on the other hand I am looking forward to keeping up with the boys who now hurtle off at great speed.

I also really love the basket on the front and am sure it will serve me well as a repository for all sorts of things the boys do not want to carry and hopefully a whole array of foraged goodies that currently abound in the local hedgerows. As I just said, there are elderberries and blackberries galore and this year I want to collect hazelnuts (if I can get there before the squirrels), rosehips to make syrup and acorns to feed to the pigs. I'd like to forage for mushrooms, as well, but I only ever seem to find old ones past eating. Oh well, it's not as if the veg garden isn't supplying us with more than enough food at the moment.


  1. Lovely bike - I'm sure that you'll have great fun on it. I love cycling and have two of my own.

    Odd though - isn't the make the same name as a certain well known brand of French cigarette?

  2. excellent. have fun!

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  4. I cycled up to the bus stop this afternoon to collect the boys (but did have to walk one steep bit). It was a lot easier coming home mind you!!

    Sue - don't know about the cigarette connection but it would be a bit ironic.

  5. The well known brand of French cigarette is very close - same spelling but with an S on the end. As far as I can ascertain the brands are nothing to do woth each other - there again I've seen Rosie puffing her way up the hill on her bike !!!!!



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