Saturday, 13 September 2008

Lovely September Days

Posted by Simon

I have just returned from walking the dogs down the 'green lanes' surrounding us and it is a glorious evening. Perhaps a lovely sunset later. Autumn is on it's way and the leaves are starting to turn. The farmers are still harvesting the wheat as they struggle to get it in due to the awful weather we have had - sometimes out until past one in the morning when we do get a nice enough day.

The kitchen has been a hive of activity as Rosie has been busy cooking dishes, blanching foods or bagging up vegetables for the freezers with our harvest to get as through the winter months. The hens are laying well and both the turkeys and cockerels are fattening nicely.

Two of our ewes are not too well at the moment with upset tummy's. We think this is due to the growth of grass at this time of year being particularly rich and lush. They have had some medication and now been put into pen and being fed hay to settle their stomachs. Hopefully we'll get them back out on the grass tomorrow.

I've been working on tidying up the vegetable garden. When we originally scrapped the soil off, in our haste, we were not too bothered about the edges and it wasn't until the vegetables started to grow did we realise how bad they were (the edges, not the vegetables). So I have been straightening them and, firstly, it is starting to look very smart and, secondly, has given quite a lot more growing space. Or you could say less grass cutting for me and more weeding for Rosie!

The forecast is for good weather over the next few days so we can carry on in the garden before starting on internal works which I am planning out for the next few months.

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  1. Lovely work with the hedge laying!

    Best wishes for Sunday and Faire Play. Look forward to hearing all about it.


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