Monday, 11 August 2008

Yet Another Week

Last week I wrote that my hope this week was to have to have started on the boys play tower and get the pond completed. Well, neither have been touched. Rosie and I (and I fully agree!) decided on a different location for the tower.

So this has meant I have had to do loads of other work to get the area ready for construction, let alone getting on with building it. I have chipped/shredded and burnt branches and garden rubbish (prefer to chip and re-use but it all got too much), chainsawed and spilt hundreds of logs, sorted all the rubbish and loaded on to the trailer all the rubbish to go to the dechetterie (recycling) and now I'm digging the area out to level it for a boule and play area. These are all jobs that need doing but I do wonder if the boys will get their play area before they return to school.

In between we had to carry out some animal husbandry on the sheep. They needed worming etc. and their feet checking. This time we caught the sheep without any mishaps.

We thought the cockerels were ready for the freezer - the photo on the right shows them in May when we got them - but our neighbour and her nephew had a look at them for us and said it was best if they were given another month of fattening up. So no home produced chicken this week. This also means another month of them crowing early in the morning!

So this week perhaps I will finish the boys tower - but I think I'll tell 'em not to hold their breath. Especially as I need to build some additional hen housing, cut the grass and fit in other jobs. And try and find a missing hen. Better get to it then.

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