Saturday, 12 July 2008

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside....

With friends visiting this week and a break in the near continual rain of the last few days we took the opportunity to go up to the coast today. Simon had heard that Cabourg, east of Caen, was nice and he was not wrong. A long sandy beach with loads of shells and a shallow sea kept the boys well and truly occupied for several hours. And, as with so many French beaches there were lifeguards there keeping an extra eye on everyone's safety.
After a while rain did did threaten (and we were hungry) so we headed into the town itself. This too was lovely - plenty of shops selling a range of interesting items (very little "tut" to be seen) and a most fabulous pottery shop. I was positively drooling over all the beautiful stuff and will have to go back one day for a proper look round - this time minus small boys. And to make a great day out even more perfect my friends sneaked back to the said pottery shop and bought me one of the salad bowls I had been oggling over as a thank you and early birthday present :)

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