Monday, 14 July 2008

The ram rammed

I now know why a ram is called a ram. Poppy (our Labrador) saw the ram running and decided it was play time so the ram got faster thinking it was being chased. Bang - one flying gate off its hinges and one very confused ram. He hit the gate so hard he bounced off
into his own field and fortunately not the ewes. Yet another repair job actioned.


  1. oh dear. don't spose he was hurt though.. sheep have very small brains... :)

  2. He must have a bit of a brain as he learnt how to unlatch the gate quite quickly - thank goodness for bailer twine and wire.

  3. Very small brains perhaps, but when life life consists of "see grass. eat grass." there's a surprising amount of processing space left over. I think sheep might be far deeper than most of us suppose...

  4. yup - but they spend the rest of their brain cells on working out the most imaginative way to die...


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