Sunday, 4 May 2008

Swallow and Duck

It's more risky letting the dogs out of their barn in the mornings. Apart from two hurtling missiles at your legs we now now have to take rapid evasive action with the upper parts as the swallows fly out like darts towards your eyes. I know they are not going to hit me but it is instinctive to duck. The swallows are busy repairing their nests as well as keeping the dogs company. We also have sparrows nesting under the roof. There are a good variety of birds here as with the arrival of spring the species are increasing, from yellowhammers, tits and woodpeckers to name but a few. There is also a cuckoo in the vicinity, which is lovely to hear. With the advent of young chicks to look forward too the buzzards are appearing and waiting on the wing.

Last week the weather was very changeable and when it rained we caught up with paperwork. Mine included a reading session in front of the fire and, of course, perfecting the art of being able to read with my eyes closed. I dug out the area where the poly tunnel is going and did a few other little jobs. Both Rosie & I did some more coppicing and field clearance for our friends, I and M. In addition to this I also collected some more firewood for next winter, with Tom, on the Thursday.

Friday ended up a shopping day. I needed timber and other materials so went to Vire with Rosie. There was some event on in Vire and the place was packed and everything took twice as long. This resulted in all the places I wanted to go being closed for lunch until 2 o'clock so I had to go out again later.

Saturday we were invited to a May Day festival. We had a great time and events included Maypole Dancing, folk music, fun races (egg and spoon, sack and three legged), boules competition and a BBQ. The weather forecast was for rain but it stayed dry and warm which made for a very pleasant afternoon and evening.

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