Saturday, 26 April 2008

New Arrivals

Well you wait for ages and then three turn up at once. Yes, our sheep arrived today. Even if I say so myself I worked very hard fencing the area and finished it at lunch time today. The fencing went very well although there was some discussion on which way to hang the gate. The logical way (in my opinion) - or the illogical - hers. You've guessed it, it's hung illogically. Anyway, I'm sure that will be open to future debate or blogs.

We got the sheep from our friends J & I. They very kindly brought them over in their van in return for tea and homemade cake. As it was such a lovely day we sat outside and watched the sheep (mum and two lambs) settle in to their new surroundings. Saari thinks she has three new play mates.

After a chat J & I left and as it was a lovely evening we decided to have a BBQ. The first this year. We cleared the picnic table of the early tea things and something was clearly amiss. Yep, the remainder of the cake had disappeared and the most likely culprit was sitting there licking her lips. No not Rosie, Saari.

We had some lovely pork chops for dinner but I must admit the sheep seemed to be watching us rather nervously!


  1. they look good - what i the plan? building a flock? raising for meat?

    we enjoy our sheep - hard work - but good.

  2. "Mum" is borrowed until the lambs are weaned, then she is being swapped for another weaned lamb. That one will end up in the freezer and we plan to breed from these two lambs. Their lambs will either end up in our freezer or be sold on. Not sure how many we can have in the long run - we haven't got vast amounts of grazing.


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