Thursday, 8 May 2008

Re-Using and hens - well nearly

I was hoping to have a photo of our new arrivals. The hens. We decided that the shed being used as a shelter for the sheep would be more suitable for the hens. So I made good use of the old barn doors that had fallen off and made these into a new shelter for the sheep. The hinges from the doors I have already re-used for the field gates.

I fitted out the hen house with perches and nest boxes (in between repairing punctures on bikes) then got going early(ish) this morning to cat proof the shed. Once all ready and homely, we all went to Conde sur Noireau for the market. Its a bank holiday here today and although the market was running the poultry sellers were not there. So the hen house still has vacancies. It was disappointing after all the work getting their accommodation ready.

The market was heaving. I don't think I've seen a market so busy. There were loads of stalls selling everything (except what we wanted). All very colourful and fresh. But too packed for me. Therefore I took the boys to the park (good move) whilst Rosie did some shopping. Tomorrow we will have to get up early and hopefully have more success buying hens at Vire market

This afternoon I decided I needed to do some product testing in the wood store. Yes the hammock works extremely well and is very comfortable. Well it is a bank holiday.

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