Monday, 12 May 2008


We bought our hens on Friday at the market in Vire. I was suppose to get a photo of Rosie making the grand purchase but in the end it all happened so quickly I forgot. But I did get one of the ducklings, which we did not buy, as they are rather cute. Well its sort of close enough!

We got 4 'point of lay' hens (the large brown ones) and 6 small chickens which should be ready to eat/freeze in about six months. We should be getting a supply of eggs starting in about two weeks time. They seemed to have settled in and after 48 hours shut in their quarters they are now free range - well at least until the ewe chases them back indoors. I also had a lesson in clipping the hens wings - after a lesson on catching them. Well I'm glad everyone else found it funny!

I have also, this weekend, dug out hole for a wildlife pond. This I had to do before the poly tunnel could be built. I now have to get a pond liner pretty quickly as I am under pressure from the boys to get the pond finished. This is not really a priority but Tom loves pond dipping and is very knowledgeable about the pond life so I'll try and get it done sometime (ish).

A friend of ours delivered an old Raeburn yesterday which works but needs some restoration work and in return took away old sheets of corrugated metal sheeting. These were destined for the recycling centre so it's even better that he is going to make use of it all and saves me a trip to the d├ęchetterie. I must admit it was very amusing watching him drive off with 40 sheets of metal precariously hanging out the back of his van. I'm glad I wasn't following him down the road and as yet haven't found out if he made it home without any falling out.

And I have actually started to erect the poly tunnel -it was only delivered in January. Best get back to it then.

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