Thursday, 13 March 2008

Not So Green

Had a few emails about the blog and people seem to be enjoying it, so thank you for the comments. It helps when writing it.

Not a very green day today. I had promised the boys if they reached a certain standard skiing I would take them to Ouga Ouga again (see post 06/02/08). They both earnt their treat so this afternoon we drove to Caen, about half a hour away. Parked up and headed to the entrance. Wallet? Wallet? Um. 'Rosie have you got your purse because I haven't got my wallet?' Well after a slight domestic we headed home. Tom and Ben were very good about it, especially Ben who had really been looking forward to this trip. Anyway we made it home and realised we had time to get back to Caen. Two happy boys had a great afternoon at the soft play area. And we did 100 miles instead of 50 - not so green.

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