Monday, 10 March 2008

The French Connection 3

We have managed to get all the hedge laying materials out of the woods in between the heavy rain and winds today. Its blowing a right gale at the moment. Part of an old tin roof is now keeping the lawn dry, being 20 metres away and 4 metres lower than its usual place. The gales are apparently worse in the UK though.

The power was flicking on and off this morning which reminded me that when I was rewiring the garage and converting it to a workshop I opened up a junction box and discovered a new version of the 'French Connection'. And no, I have not lost the screw on the left hand side, the wires were just jammed in. No wonder our power flickers sometimes if there are other junctions like this. So what else will we find. Also, this part of the wiring is not that old.

Well it is pouring down now and we have no logs indoors - oh well another soaking.

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