Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Porcine Fun

Posted by Rosie

Charlotte the Pig regularly comes out and about for a wander and generally she is a very well behaved young lady.  OK, so occasionally she has a dip in the duck paddling pool and sometimes she needs rescuing from the farmer's field next door:

and sometimes she thinks she is a dog and should be taken for a walk:

and sometimes she thinks she is a chef.  "Mmmmm, what's cooking then?"  

Actually thinking about it, she's not that well behaved is she?


  1. As long as she doesn't think she's a gardener in the poly tunnel?

  2. Precisely - the words bacon and ham have mentioned should she dare to wander anywhere near the veg patch.

  3. She is lovely though

  4. Thank you Barbara - lovely, yes - naughty - also yes!


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