Monday, 9 May 2011

Stuck Duck

Well I got through the other way!
Yesterday whilst checking the ducks water I noticed that Hilda's eggs had hatched.  We were not really expecting anything until the middle of next week so it was a bit of a surprise.  Being a protective mum it was difficult to count how many eggs had hatched (we did find one duckling dead).

Today I looked in on the ducklings to find one, well and truly, stuck in the fencing.  It had got it's wings through but it's bottom was too big - so NO going forward or back!  I tried to help but with mum pecking my fingers it was an impossible task.  Help was needed.

So aided with gloves and wire cutters and a gite guest (Rosie was out) armed with a stick a renewed rescue attempt was made. Mum still managed to get me a couple of times but with a stick as an added distraction I was able to cut the duckling out and reunite it with it's mother.  I think that was a hiss of appreciation she gave me!

Whilst Hilda was 'assisting' me, we had a chance to count the ducklings and we are pretty certain there are eleven. Hopefully we can get a proper look tomorrow.


  1. Found a dead duckling this morning - possibly the one who was stuck in the fencing :( . It's little life won't be totally wasted though as it'll become dinner for a friend's ferrets.

  2. i guess thats why they have so many.. cos of the losses along the way.

  3. Exactly. She still has 10 though which is a good number.


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