Monday, 19 October 2009

Tonight's supper ....

Posted by Rosie

..... will be veg curry followed by bread and butter pudding (with added banana). The veg is all home grown, including the fiendishly strong chili pepper I've just added. As for the bread and butter pudding, well ...... Ben's' best friend's father works in a supermarket and on Saturday he gave Simon a large box of bread, artichokes and bananas for the pigs. All were perfectly edible so I decided the pigs wouldn't mind if I took one loaf and a few bananas for us. The chooks are still sulking so I had no eggs but I did a swap of veg for eggs with a friend and together with the milk from the local farmer I made the pudding. It smells lovely and will no doubt taste all the better for being a freebie (almost). That's my kind of supper.


  1. Banana in the pudding sounds good; the goaty girls will now have to share the over- ripe bananas while I try this out lol



  2. I was really glad we had the bread and butter pudding as the curry was EXCEEDINGLY hot and the pud helped put out the fire in our mouths!

  3. If your chilli peppers are anything like ours this year, I can imagine how hot the curry was!! Haha.

    It all sounds lovely, so much better being home produced isn't it?

    Sue xx


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