Sunday, 18 October 2009

I'm Back ......

Posted by Rosie

...... from what was a very hectic week in England. I've just calculated that I worked with more than 300 children, spent over £%^& (oh dear, my numbers don't seem to be working!!) and saw loads of friends.

The weather was fantastic for running a series of environmental activities out in the school grounds with bright sunshine on most days, warm enough on 2 afternoons to see butterflies. The children seemed to really enjoy themselves and at least one school has already said they'd like to see me back again next year.

Simon had done a sterling job looking after the animals and boys, but understandably had had little time to work in the gite. The dogs were really pleased to see me, as were the boys who were still up, despite the fact I didn't get in until 10.15pm. Well, one late night won't harm and I was so glad to see them too. Simon was shattered but we've had to time to catch up properly today. Strangely my work is one thing I do miss but I have to say overall I was very glad to get back home.


  1. Welcome back, Rosie! Glad to hear the trip went well. :) Xx

  2. Good to have you back..we've missed you :)

  3. Thank you - it's nice to be back. A week of tidy clothes is enough for me!


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