Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Back on Track - Is This Possible?

Posted by Simon

Yesterday the digger arrived back in working order. A burnt out wire and relay had caused the problem. Also the glo-plugs needed changing. It seems to purr now - if that is possible for a mini-digger.

So this morning I got going again on digging the hole for one of the septic tanks. Now the ground has had some rain on it this job was easier than before the digger broke down. So there was some advantage in this delay.

One slight mistake though - the comedy classic situation. I jumped in the hole to measure the depth and found the hole was definitely deep enough - I couldn't get out! Pride was at stake,calling for help not an option, so I managed to jump up and grab the tracks of the digger and haul myself out.

This afternoon the boys had rugby and we needed to get some other materials so I will be continuing with the septic tanks tomorrow. I really need to get this completed before I can get on back in the gite.

Well the only bit of the digger I'm waiting for now - is the bill.

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