Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Animal Update

Posted by Rosie

As promised here are a couple of photos of our latest additions. First the turkeys - all growing very nicely and looking slightly less scraggy then when I bought them. They do have names but I can't tell them apart - the 3 bigger ones are Zigomar, Pipi-o-lit and Flappy. The 5 smaller ones are ......... Turkey 1, Turkey 2, Turkey 3, Turkey 4 and Turkey 5!!

And now meet Scarlet and Pimpernel. Scarlet is at the front - smaller ears, less spots and her sister is Pimpernel behind - bigger ears and a spotty bum!! They seem to have the combined look of both intelligence and naughtiness so I believe they could be pretty entertaining to look after.

And I HOPE top be able to show you duckling photos very soon. Today is DH Day (Duckling hatching) and Hilda has been brilliant, sitting tight for the last 35 days. So I suppose we shall find out very soon if Harold played his part or not. And if he didn't we'll head to the market and buy some day old ducklings for her to adopt. Am I excited? You bet!!!


  1. oooh fantastic. The turkeys look great and the pigs ! Good luck with the ducklings.

  2. Aw...ducklings, lovely. The pigs look gorgeous and the turkeys...well turkeys are not really very pretty, but I bet they're as entertaining as chickens to watch.

    Sue xx

  3. great names for the pigs - and they look lovely!

  4. Good luck with the pigs.

    A neighbour tells me that the traditional date for pig "processing" is St Martin's day - November 11th. I have an invite....


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