Tuesday, 14 July 2009

And Barney Came Too

Posted by Simon

Tom, Ben and I have been on a short trip to see Sally in UK. Rosie stayed here to look after (and increased numbers of) the animals. It was the Whatstandwell 6th Annual Beer Festival, on the Saturday evening and, of course, I had to be dragged, shouting and screaming, to it! It was a good evening with some really good bands playing, although the one I wanted to see had been and played by the time we arrived. Although it did rain rather hard for the latter part of the evening.

During our stay I took the boys to the Farm and Adventure playground at Chatsworth and they had a great afternoon playing. Tom spent a happy hour playing in the sand and water area especially with the Archimedes's Screw. This is while his younger brother hurled himself around on big slides and trampolines. I wasn't sure about some of Ben's exploits with his arm in plaster but it was impossible to stop him and in fact he was very careful.

We also visited the Crich Tramway Museum, which was having an Edwardian Weekend, with people dressed up in period costumes. We had a lovely time going on various trams and watching the events. They also have a woodland walk and a small children's play area which the boys enjoyed. Sally and I discovered the old sweet shop selling all the sweets we loved as children. Don't remember them being that sweet!

It was a busy weekend and we returned home yesterday. One of the highlights for me was the delicious Fish and Chips from Crich.

And Barney - well he came everywhere with us, including the play area.

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  1. Love the pic of Barney, that's great LOL




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