Monday, 2 February 2009


Posted by Rosie

I know that as I type this there are people all over England and in parts of France struggling to get to work through the heavy snow that fell last night. So did we get any snow here in Calvados? Did we heck. Not a flake. Pas de flocon. And it doesn't even look like there is any snow in the sky.

As for later in the week it's may ..... or may not snow depending which weather site you look at. BBC Weather says Yes, France Weather says No and Meteo France says Maybe. And if you look on the Meteo France weather map for today everywhere around us has snow, just not us. Instead it is flippin' cold, rock hard underfoot and I'm back to breaking a thick layer of ice in the sheep's water again. Brrrrrrrr.


  1. snowing heavily here. really fast. No work for me today as I text my boss yesterday and have the day off today. Woo hoo, have to get ready for tomorrows come dine with me!

  2. Snowing hard here, has been since early morning...and now its below freezing and our lane is very sliiiiippppyyyyy!

    Might go and get Compostgirl from school early, before it freezes hard!

  3. We have snow and I'm loving it. A great excuse not to drive to work. Being self employed there's no money coming in but I'm catching up in the cottage. Today I cleared the drains and started to make marmalade. Tomorrow I'm planning to fly through loads of other niggles that have been hampering us for months.

  4. Just a light dusting of snow on Tuseday, some flakes that didn't settle yesterday and now cold, cold, cold rain!!


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