Friday, 31 October 2008


Posted by Rosie
The boys celebrated Hallowe'en with a young friend visiting and a "Scary Dinner". On the menu was:
  • Witch's Hat Sandwiches
  • Pumpkin Cheese Pastries
  • Egg Eyes
  • Popcorn Brains
  • Blood Tarts
  • Witch biscuits
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • And Blood (to drink)
Costumes, worn for a while, included a ghost, a black cat, a bat and a spider's web. For most of the evening the boys were happy to play (and fight!) but later on we did all have fun apple-bobbing resulting in a lot of running face-paint. Plus it was only after I had a go, last, that I realised using warm water might have been a good idea!!


  1. Mmmmm

    I LOVE your food!

    I made soup...Pumpkin soup!

  2. That pumpkin really is malevolent-looking! Sounds like you all had a lovely evening. The food looks delicious and perfect for the occasion. The egg-eyes are a brilliant idea!!

  3. egg eyes are a good idea. sounds like a good evening had

  4. We did have a good evening - and no trick or treaters out here in the middle of the French countryside. The boys loved the egg eyes too and blood tarts went in seconds!!

    I made pumpkin soup but it was a bit bland, coming from such a large pumpkin. It needed rather a lot of cheese and ham to make it tasty.

    I had tried to make the pumpkin friendly but I think it was the angle of the eyes that made him more evil looking.

    Rosie x


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