Sunday, 2 November 2008


Posted By Rosie

What a fantastic sunset we had this evening. It was like the sun had set fire to the sky, yet behind me, the same sky was a deep, deep blue with not a cloud to be seen. It gave me a chance to play with the settings on the camera but then I couldn't decide which picture I liked the best. What do you think?


  1. WOW!

    I thought *we* got good sunsets, but yours put ours in the shade!

    What fabulous fabulous pictures!

    I really think you should frame them and display them! or use them somehow as business cards/postcards?

    Hey! have postcards of fabulous stuff to sell to people who come to stay? so they can send postcards to friends from where they are staying??

    or is that a fever induced wittering I have just had?

    anyway the pictures are wonderful!

  2. Having postcards is a fantastic idea - THANK YOU. A friend in England had postcards made up from her photos so I'll get in touch and find out how she did it and how much it cost.

    Rosie x

  3. They are absolutely wonderful pictures Rosie! I can almost smell the night air... I think I like the second one best, because of the way you can see the light through the trees, but they are all great.

    Having postcards and framed photos to sell is a brilliant idea!


  4. they are incredible pictures! I love the second one too,it looks like if you laid on your back you could lift your arm & trail your fingertips under the lumps & bumps & ridges of the golden clouds,bliss,it must have been ever lovelier in the real
    GTM x x

  5. lovely - I choose number 4

  6. Before I read all the comments I looked at the pictures and thought that number 3 was my favourite. If you enlarge the image the colours, shapes and definition in the sky are fantastic.

    Just shows you how we're all different!


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