Monday, 27 October 2008

Birthday "Barn-BQ"

Posted by Rosie

There was actually a small event which Simon missed on his last post, namely his birthday on Tuesday (although I am under pain of death to mention how old he is!!). Originally he had said he didn't want to do anything but then thought I might arrange something unexpected so he came up with the idea of having a birthday BBQ in the barn i.e. a "BarnBQ". That was last night and whilst the weather tried hard to spoil things with strongish winds early on, followed by rain, a great evening was had and we managed not to set the barn on fire.

Sally, Simon's sister came over and brought sparklers which the boys loved. We feasted on meat and veggie food from the garden (well most of it was) and listened to music as varied as The Kaiser Chiefs and Classic French Chansons, 2 CD's Simon had got for his birthday. The dogs were spoilt rotten on forbidden titbits and then spent half the evening licking clean paper plates I had accidentally left within their reach.

Next on the Hill birthday list is Tom in February but he is not a big party-boy. Unlike Ben, whose birthday may not until the end of May but who is already planning the guest list, food and party games. So that's about 200 days of "At my birthday party can I have.......!"

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  1. Sounds like good fun. How does the Hobgoblin go with tarte tatine?

    Many belated happy returns to Simon.


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