Friday, 26 September 2008

This is a plea........

Posted by Simon

Please would editors of magazines not allow articles that Rosie thinks will be a good idea for her to have. Why? Because I have to build them! Haven't I got enough to do?

Anyway, thanks to the 'Organic Gardening' magazine we are now the proud owners of a home made DRYING BOX - slightly adapted from their version. And it is the right way up. The idea is that any gluts of fruit and vegetables can be dried and then stored. Herbs can also be dealt with this way. So this is another useful way of storing our veg etc. for use at a later stage.

I must say that 'Boxed Dried Tomatoes' does not have quite the same ring as 'Sun Dried Tomatoes' but will be much cheaper and hopefully just as tasty.

I have just been told at present we do not have much to dry as it has all been cooked, frozen or given away. But I'll find something to test it out.


  1. I am realyl looking forward to hearing how this works out! very clever of you to make it :o)
    I think hubby dreads me reading most things.........
    GTM :o)

  2. yes rosie, a really interesting project, good luck with the drying.

    Leanne x

  3. Well done! It looks lovely!

    I have Compostman drawing up plans for a horizontal drier ( like my Excalibur but bigger..) at the moment AND yes he is also making plans to build a solar drier...but its just WHEN, thats the problem....always so much to do here....

    Driers = stored food + no electricity to store it...which I *do* like :-))

    I have dried lots of stuff this year and will be drying even more next I would really recomend some kind of drier to anyone!

  4. oo - be interesting to see how it works out. himself keeps threatening to make a solar drier.. but we keep using up all the time...

  5. Just found your blog via Cottage Smallholder. Very interested in this dryer (my husband will be writing similar posts on my blog!), which edition of the mag was it in?

    And hats off to you for camping in UK in October


  6. Hi Joanna and welcome to the blog.

    The article about the drier was I think in The Organic Gardening Magazine Issue for August or September. Get back to me if you have no luck finding it and I will do my best to try and find the magazine. Do you get the magazine or would you like me to send you a copy of the article?

    Rosie x


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