Sunday, 28 September 2008

Silly September Sunday

Posted by Rosie

The weather has been fantastic today - really warm and summery (although it was only 4 degrees when we woke up this morning). Anyway, it was so warm we had our Sunday roast out in the garden, washed down with a nice bottle of Chardonnay. And there in lay the problem. One bottle of Chardonnay and one large roast dinner is NOT the best combination when the boys decided a water fight was a good idea. WELL ........ it was very warm and unlikely to be so for many days longer so there we were - 2 adults (ever so slightly tiddly) and 2 small boys, hurlting round the garden with one or other of us at any given time in control of the hose-pipe. The result - 4 very wet people, two of whom, rather regretted drinking a whole bottle of wine and eating those last roast spuds!!

But that was not the end of it. The fight had finished, we had all got into dry clothes and Simon was heading off for a snooze in the hammock. "Rosie. I need your help. One of the cockerels is out!!" So, now the activity changed from evading the hose-pipe to trying to catch a somewhat irate cockerel who thought because he had worked out how to get over the fence he SHOULD have his wicked way with the hens in the garden. Remember those two slightly tiddly adults - there we were chasing a randy cockerel round the lime tree much to the amusement of the other cockerels. He out-witted us for a while but he was finally beaten when he forgot that, unlike in his youth, he was now too big to get more than his head through the fence! Gotcha!!! (and he got his wing clipped before he was returned to his field).

I would love to have posted a pictures of these events but cameras, water and escaped cockerels do not make a good combination and anyway - I could not let my guard down for a moment for fear of getting a soaking or a good pecking from a slightly irate cockerel.


  1. Heehee, that sounds like so much fun! Nice to have a giggle on this Monday morning, thank you. =)

  2. Glad I could give you a giggle this morning. Am I right in thinking you are Hamster off Downsizer?

  3. I am indeed, yes. Hello!

  4. Hello there Hamster - nice to see you here!


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