Sunday, 27 July 2008

A Stitch in Time ....

I took Saari to have her stitches out yesterday morning and because there is a slight bit of infection she has had to keep her "lampshade" on a bit longer. She is NOT a happy dog!!

Anyway she might have had her stitches out but I currently sporting nine stitches in my left arm. Simon, myself and a friend were trying to catch one of the ewes in order to check her feet when all three sheep decided to dash between two of the orchard trees. I was holding a long stick and stuck my arm out to try and fill the gap and in doing so managed to hit what must have been the only bit of sticking-out wire in the entire field. "Ouch, that hurts!" was basically what I said (as I looked round to check there were no children in hearing distance!). I had managed to cut a 4" long, 1/3" wide and 1/4" gash in my upper arm, but miraculously had missed all major blood vessels, joints, ligaments and tendons. A quick trip to A&E and I was back home within the hour, a bit sore but otherwise still in full working order.

Over the last week I have been closely monitoring the potatoes for signs of blight. Sure enough the telltale blotches had started to appear so I took what I hope will be sufficient evasive action and cut off all the haulms (green tops). Then, over the week-end, visiting friends, myself, Simon and the boys have been digging up the spuds hoping that they are blight free and will survive into the winter. They look fine with the Desiree yielding some fantastic-sized tubers. Mind you I am yet to work out where to store them that is mouse free.


  1. desiree are great aren't they. sorry you have blight too.. guess its just another blight year. hope they stay off the tomatoes....
    and ouchy on the stitches...

  2. We had our first tomato from the polytunnel today. I say "we" - I grew and nurtured the plants, Simon picked it and eldest son snaffled it in a micro-second. Hopefully there will be many more to come in the following weeks as long as the blight stays away. Until the potato haulms were cleared no-one was allowed from veg patch to polytunnel without a change of clothes and shoes so fingers crossed .....

    And as for the arm, it is doing fine and just a little sore if I knock it. I just can't believe really how lucky I was to miss everything vital.

  3. Oh dear hope your dog makes a speedy recovery, and your arm too sounds nasty ! Good luck with your potatoes, blight is a pain in **!!

  4. I am really sorry to read about your arm, you poor thing it does sound nasty!

    Hmm blight....we have just chopped the other half of the spud patch...will be leaving those for 2 weeks ...and compostman has made a start on lifting the ones we chopped off 2 weeks ago..

    and yes the biosecurity was quite strong here, too.....;-O

    ho hum I think we may only grow earlies next year....


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